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Arpita is a believer in potential - positive or negative, with her feet firmly rooted in Reality and her mind soaring in the Surreal... She aims at attaining true Balance, within and without. Writing is her expression of all she perceives; exploring her mind, her senses and her environment.

The Paradox of The Void!

Emotions abound, whether positive or negative, within us. However, the extremity of any emotion is usually a state of blank awareness – a Paradox, when one is so full and so empty at the same time. Hence, The Void. Fear: The Darkness closes in, surrounding all. A blanket of smothering, suffocating air. I …

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The ‘F’ Word… Fear

Of Loss… They said it’s an awful habit; an addiction. They said it’s wrong. And yet, as he stared down at the little stick burning between his fingers, he recognized its beauty. Such beauty. He took a puff, feeling the smoke swirl in his mouth, his lungs, and devoted all …

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De-mensions III

  “I’m Never Alone…”   He admires her as she gets dressed; reflected in the mirror in front of her. They make a great couple – him with the sandy hair, emerald eyes and deeply cleft chin; her with the cascade of auburn hair, honey eyes and dimpled cheeks. Perfect …

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De-mensions II

A Tribute to Alt-J   “The Lust for Death consumes me…”   My word, she is beautiful. The window hazes over in cigarette smoke as I watch her, weaving her way through the tables, graceful as a swan. A short, snug dress that does her full justice. Oh yes, it …

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De-mensions… [Demented Dimensions]

“A world closing in on my senses.” {The piece has explicit content – those too sensitive to stuff like that (I hope not) ought not to read it} Forth – back – side – down… colours! Pretty lights! Magicked; pretty-pretty, all over. Something crawling, someone calling. Yes? No, I don’t …

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“Empty” – A Story of Emotion

She walks down the dark, lonely street, as the night wears on. The dank lamp light throws deep, dark shadows off the brick walls lining the near-empty lane. Empty, like her eyes… But no, look closer. Her eyes are not blank. Emotion swirls in their depths. Anger, perhaps? No, it …

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Religion – A Satire

Imagination The essence of thought, a boundless mind, Envisions a world beyond the known, “Stories of old,” to be preached and taught, A belief, not “Truth,” the seeds are sown…   Creation Supremacy and skill, The One spews, Within and without the world is all, “Creation,” the Spell enchanting us, …

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