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A Fangirl Review of The Cursed Child

The last time I completed a book within a day, I was sixteen – then life found me and my reading time was considerably shorter. But the return of Harry Potter series in the form of Harry Potter and the Cursed Child required me to shut everything out and read. …

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Eliza’s Melancholy, A Woman’s Desolation

On the occasion of G. B. Shaw’s birthday, who was a remarkable playwright with sharp and often precisely analytic views about the society, here is a poem inspired by one of his characters Eliza Doolittle as a tribute to the phenomenal writer. What is my worth? Contemplating since birth Am …

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Fiction and Escapism

  When the screaming obscenities, I started to hear, I knew that the time was near, And soon I was held close to her bosom as a dear, “With you,” Whispered my owner, “Reality, I need not fear.” – For the love of books — Once upon a time, I …

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A Mystery of Graves and Exorcism

It was in hot sweltering April that my regular client had come up with this case. I cannot elaborate much about the identity of my client. It comes under the confidentiality agreement that they had made me sign when I took the case. Under no circumstances, I was to share …

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Distance Learning VS Traditional Learning

I rub my hands together, prepping for the speech, “Let’s start, shall we? Education – the necessary evil? Well, the debate about education versus street smarts can continue on for centuries, but a large amount of population feel that education is important for proper social functioning and growth. With the development …

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Music Then VS Now: Rap Battle

It was a Reddit post comparing Beyonce’s Who Runs the World And Queen’s Bohemian Rhapsody One was a pop-queen repetition, Other seemed like a lyrical beauty , Made me wonder how it all started, Through which stepping stones was music’s evolution? Often I have heard elders say, the true music …

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