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Food Week Recap: A Guide to Food and Related Ideas

If there is one thing I have to stand by, with absolute certainty, it has to be that knowledge and our hunger for ever more knowledge runs us, it alone propels us to do all that we do. At The Holy Connection Labs, we are meeting this ideal head on. …

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How SELFIES can be GOOD for you?

Selfies. They are a trend in themselves, they have become a way of life. Not for everyone though. And as happens with any change, there are skeptics; the selfie phenomenon has spawned some of its own. But let’s first see what selfies are, then what they could be doing to …

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Niyoga Dharma and the Status of Women

Niyoga, a literal meaning of the term would be ‘delegation’. Here this has to do with the idea of delegating a husband’s duty of providing his married wife with a child, to some other man; ideally a brother or a close relative. Circumstances such as the husband being impotent, or …

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Coraline says we’ve all been programmed!

Coraline (2009) 100 min  |  Animation, Fantasy   IMDb: 7.7, Rotten Tomatoes: 90% “Not just a children’s movie, Coraline goes beyond to subtly raise important questions for adults as well. Let us analyze it in an offbeat context of how everyone is being constantly programmed & how setting free is yet another …

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JAMS Volume 1

JAMS Volume 1 is the result of the new wing of THC Labs: Sound Tripping or simply Sounds of THC. It is a collection of four tracks where a set of experimental musicians came together to experiment with sounds.     Recording Partner: House Of Rock Contributing Artists: Ashwin Ramesh | Nisarg …

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