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Another Carton in the Lot

Grab it- Roll it- Tuck it- Shut it The drill hummed in my mind like a dishwasher advertisement. The khaki guy slammed the metal door with a thud. I grab my edges to prevent them from bobbing up from the carton as the truck driver chooses the deepest of depressions …

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Pouts VS Smiles: Which Works Best For You?

Narcissism Over a million searches have been check-listed for the word Narcissism in the last year and not surprisingly, it’s part of our trending topics even today. People are gradually becoming aware of how self-obsession is taking over our lives but is it really? Are we really getting more narcissistic …

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The Science behind Racism: Nature or Nurture? 

Racism exists in all paths of our life and, needless to say, is the most prevalent form of discrimination existing in our world. It is not just cultured by the ‘racially superior’ on its inferiors but works in mutual acceptance where even the ‘racially inferior’ feel that their inferiority is meant …

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The Science behind Laughter

Sudden ignition of the frontal lobe, neural discharge with simultaneous contraction of the facial muscles–signal to the brain stem for controlling lung function–diaphragm enforces air out in the larynx–vibration of vocal chords– and Voila! That’s how you laugh! We connect through laughter, laughing on the same matter indicates the same …

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Mon Desir: The Best “Mind Food” in Bangalore

“Jaisa Ann Waisa Mann “ As quoted by Jean Anthelme Brillat-“Tell me what you eat and I will tell you who you are”. Tripped Out Fact: If you are dealing with a mood disorder, one of the biggest and potentially most beneficial changes you can make to your lifestyle is your …

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Demons: A Tale of Musical Melancholy and Frailty

Whenever I listen to a song, I can’t help but see images, words and even complete stories forming in my mind’s eye; essentially guided by the lyrics taking up the reins of an esoteric narrative, while the music acts as the much-needed web of intricacy which the narrative is built …

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