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You were Born High

Disclaimer: Anything that is written here is based on research and you can find a few links at the bottom of the article that’ll open your mind. Recently I found myself fascinated by the world of drugs with Harshitha’s article on Marijuana and with a certain amount of research I was …

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Native VS New In Town: A Tale of Experience

When I was politely kicked out of my clerical job I had opted for while still trying  to survive engineering, just like any other Indian teenager, I was waiting for overwhelming sadness, but that did not come. All I saw was new endless possibilities, finally stepping out of my house …

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Research Based Writing VS Experience Based Writing

This week, we have another community article for you! The thoughts of various writers have contributed to this article. At THC Labs we have articles, poetry and stories either based on research or experience. Here’s our take on these types of writing. Research Based Writing Being a research oriented writer …

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Commercial Film Makers VS Art Film Makers

An Art Film Maker Films are a sketch of life for us, Where showing your reality is our focus. We view things as they are, UK, USA, Australia and Europe call our films, “auteur” The plot of the story is the base, Breaking away from the mainstream, always. The content is highly …

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Work from Office VS Work from Home

August 16, 2009, 9 AM: After a grueling four hours wait, we finally get the chance to board the hovercraft to visit the tiny island. This tiny island is a special landmark for our exploration of the southernmost tip of Indian landmass, that is, Kanyakumari. Our destination? The renowned Vivekananda …

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Pouts VS Smiles: Which Works Best For You?

Narcissism Over a million searches have been check-listed for the word Narcissism in the last year and not surprisingly, it’s part of our trending topics even today. People are gradually becoming aware of how self-obsession is taking over our lives but is it really? Are we really getting more narcissistic …

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