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Music Recording Techniques: Then VS Now

Interviewer: Hello, my dear readers! If you have ever listened to music in front of your parents or grandparents – you must be acquainted with the dialogue, “This is not music! This is trash! An art form lost!” But we see that musical industry has made incredible technological advancements, so, …

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Distance Learning VS Traditional Learning

I rub my hands together, prepping for the speech, “Let’s start, shall we? Education – the necessary evil? Well, the debate about education versus street smarts can continue on for centuries, but a large amount of population feel that education is important for proper social functioning and growth. With the development …

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Books VS Audio Books

Books or E-books? There’s a never-ending heated debate about which one is better? To each their own! You can choose to feel a book and carry with you the ancient method reading or adapt to the advance in technology and accept an e-book to be the next stage in the …

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Music Then VS Now: Rap Battle

It was a Reddit post comparing Beyonce’s Who Runs the World And Queen’s Bohemian Rhapsody One was a pop-queen repetition, Other seemed like a lyrical beauty , Made me wonder how it all started, Through which stepping stones was music’s evolution? Often I have heard elders say, the true music …

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