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Unconventional Foods #8: The Many-Faced Pani Puri!

Party means snack time. Party for thirteen-year-olds means that they are hungry and are quite impatient for food. This is one thing I realized on my thirteenth birthday. Another thing that I realized was that desperate thirteen-year-olds if left without food for a while can indulge in some productive creativity …

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Mon Desir: The Best “Mind Food” in Bangalore

“Jaisa Ann Waisa Mann “ As quoted by Jean Anthelme Brillat-“Tell me what you eat and I will tell you who you are”. Tripped Out Fact: If you are dealing with a mood disorder, one of the biggest and potentially most beneficial changes you can make to your lifestyle is your …

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Mother’s Kitchen: The Art of Cooking Selflessly

  Ma hated cooking. Domestic spirits haunted her. She did it, alright. Paper thin dosas on which her words wouldn’t stay Peanut chutney for daddy. Coconut chutney for my sister My motto was “ketchup makes everything better.” Ma didn’t mind. Or we didn’t ask Ma hated cooking. The milk boiling …

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Unconventional Foods #5: The Unlikely Couple

Food and love, according to me, are the reasons keeping the human existence intact as well as the stars in their position. Being a glutton to the core, food has always been an issue of undying interest to me. Even though this interest of mine often makes me a butt …

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Caneola: An Oasis in a Flavorless World

I thought I would finish whatever I had to do before it got unbearably hot. But alas! I had not taken into account the hurdle that was to come before me that day. Every step threw me behind schedule. At noon, worn-out, hot and miserable, I still found myself on …

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Unconventional Food #2: Super Meat for a Super Planet!

The highlight of this year’s Oscar fest was Leonardo DiCaprio’s win and of course, the acceptance speech that he seemed to have practiced for a while. For those who paid attention, there was a little line that he uttered during the speech, where he said “Climate change is real, it …

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