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First tasting of THC Labs’ 5 layered biryani

‘Food Week’ was our first attempt at an alternate exploration of food and all we can say that we are still in the process of assembling ingredients for the flavourful biryani that we will be serving in the future. Eating is the most fundamental method in which we convert matter …

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Food Week Recap: A Guide to Food and Related Ideas

If there is one thing I have to stand by, with absolute certainty, it has to be that knowledge and our hunger for ever more knowledge runs us, it alone propels us to do all that we do. At The Holy Connection Labs, we are meeting this ideal head on. …

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6 scary facts you didn’t know about your brain on food

You think you know your brain? And you think you know the food you eat? And you think you know how your brain combined with your food can trick you and scare you? Well, think again. But read on for now,  if you are curious about these two things that …

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Foodopreneur 2: The story of Cold Play Juices and Frootle

Here’s the story of another food entrepreneur who took control of his life and chose to grab opportunity to by its horns. Dhaval Panchal, one of the founders of ‘Frootle’ and ‘Cold Play Juices’ tells about his experience as he moved from a job of selling electronics to starting one …

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Delhicious: A definitive guide to Delhi food

As Delhi offers a smorgasbord of eating options, we felt we could not do justice by confining it to ‘Under Rs.100’ theme. Instead, we have come up with a theme based exploration of Delhi’s edible caboodle (based on suggestions from ‘Doc’ Aditya Singh and Jitesh ‘Jandy’ Anand). Themes Classification: 1. …

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Does music affect the taste of food?

  “If you pour some music on whatever’s wrong, it’ll sure help out”– Levon Helm Music and food are connected to each since olden times. The relationship between music and food is a subtle one, involving a coalescence of all our senses and emotions. In both Western and non-Western cultures, …

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