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5 favourites from my Food Porn Collection

From passive consumption to active indulgence, my gourmet awakening can be credited to a great extent to the food porn that was being served on television so generously. There was something fascinating about realizing the sophistication and intricacies involved in food preparation and consumption. This is the kind of porn …

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The Great Indian Biryani War

What’s the food that most Indians order for when struck by hunger pangs? The answer is Biryani! And the strangest fact of all is that in India, you will find 29 varieties of the hallowed preparation in 29 states! Every area has adapted the original recipe to its own taste …

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Five Myths about fruits demythified

Fruits and vegetables are the biggest sources of micro-nutrients required for normal functioning of the human body. Including fruits in our daily diet is absolutely essential. Various guidelines concerning consumption of fruits exist to help us choose the quality and quantity of fruits. Often however, certain traditional guidelines are based …

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Did we cook our way into consciousness?

There is one question which has puzzled anthropologists, evolutionists and literally every other “ologist” associated or interested in understanding the origins of humans and how we evolved from primitive apes munching on leaves and berries into the “sophisticated” beings that we are today. Well, for that matter, some prominent individuals …

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A Samosa for Bollywood & Britain

Have you created something so popular as to be yourself named after that creation? This is precisely what Babubhai ‘Berawale’ did more than 100 years ago, as his grandson Mohammad Bhai (Mohammad Saleem) told me. “He used to sell ‘bera’ samosas off a cart in Bhatiyar Gali, Ahmedabad before getting …

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8 hidden origins of popular food phrases

“Food is our common ground, a universal experience’’ – James Beard Food forms a part of everything around us. From cells of every living organism to the inanimate technological developments of 21st century, from imagination to reality, food is everywhere. How can we ignore then, the presence of food in …

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