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Fill your Food with Feelings

Let’s talk about food in a different way. Let’s talk about feeding our heart instead of filling our stomach. Our cultural beliefs & rituals give a great prominence to food. Adam ate an apple and look, it created the human race. Lord Rama had Sabri’s ber and niti & nyaya were …

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Of Fruits and Men: How Fruits influenced Human Evolution

Could fruits have changed the entire direction of human evolution? What do religious beliefs have to say in this; does the Forbidden fruit ring any bells? Well, this may seem pretty random unless you have knowledge about the science of Epigenetics. This is the study of how environmental factors have …

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5 hidden monsters in your daily diet

Let’s say you start your day with some cornflakes/muesli (Kellog’s or any other common brand) for breakfast. You also enhance your milk with Bournvita/Complan/Horlicks. During the day, you might avoid aerated beverages and go for some fruit juice by Real/Tropicana etc and feel happy about it. It is also natural …

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What kind of a foodie are you?

Let’s not begin by discussing the importance of food. If this still needs to be told to you, just think about why we are all a part of ‘FOOD CHAIN’ and not a ‘CLOTHES CHAIN’ or a ‘SHELTER CHAIN’. At one point in my life, people around me started pointing …

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