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Band in Focus: Alt-J

The immersive power of music, movies & books is just fascinating. Or as a matter of fact, any good art clouts you in to a state of complete absorption & your attention reaches its peak. And so is the authority of story-telling that carries our souls to different realities. Just …

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Music and Healing

  Humans have, since the invention of drugs, relied on pharmaceutical medicines. We all know that science has played a vital role in the development and progress of humankind but we have forgotten the very fact that taking help of medicines and completely relying on them are two different aspects …

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Slayer of my state!

“A nod to Alt-J”   When I wake up in the morning light, sunlight portrays me Slash, slash; assassin de la mon etat; I want an imitation of reality Noshed the sun away, I’ve fallen for the black outside my window! The dark paints me from within and asks me …

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The Extremes of Music (Part-1)

All types of music have the innate power to cause a deep impact on pretty much anyone who has the ability to perceive it. But then there are those few artists who have the power to literally churn the inside of your head into custard; to give you an experience …

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My Tool Trip: Reflections

Read the following interpretation as you slowly build up with the song, aligning the words with the rhythm and the echoes of the masterpiece that is “Reflection” by the band “Tool”. This was written in the form of the visualizations and thoughts that poured out through my pen while the …

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My Karnivool Trip- “We Are”

Please start reading this with the song, aligning the words with the notes and rhythm of the song as it progresses. The basic gist of this article is the visualizations that were induced in my head due to this song and the various revelations that came to me as Karnivool …

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